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December is Holiday Toys and Eye Safety Month

Holiday season is upon us which means gifts and new toys. Well intentioned mothers and fathers enjoy treating the children with the latest toys to start off the New Year.
It is important that parents explain to others the guidelines when it comes to toy safety and vision. Mishaps with unsafe toys and games do occur, occasionally causing damaged vision.

Here are a few tips to safeguard kids from toy related injury:

  1. Only purchase toys which are suitable for the child's age. Be careful not to allow younger children to use toys made for older siblings.

  2. Teach children the proper way to play with toys. Before play, if possible inspect new toys for sharp or pointed edges.

  3. Don't let small children play without supervision.

  4. Protect little eyes by throwing out any toys or games that have points, spikes, rods or firing projectiles like BB guns.

Before giving in and buying the popular toy or game that your child really wants, take a moment to read up on toy safety guidelines. Anyone who has ever watched ''A Christmas Story'' should have learned that already. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.