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Is it Time for Your Annual Comprehensive Eye Exam?

This month is Healthy Vision Month. When did you last have a comprehensive eye exam? Getting your eyes tested periodically is one of the best steps you can take to make sure your eyes remain healthy. During this session, your optometrist checks your eyes, making sure you're clear of common eye diseases and vision issues, several of which do not have early modes of detection.

Your examination starts with a visual acuity test, which uses an eye chart to determine how good your sight is at different distances. The outside of your eye also gets tested.

Once your tests are completed, your optometrist may examine your retina using specialized diagnostic technology. This part of the exam matters greatly, because it provides necessary information about the state of your eye health, as well as information about your overall health. For instance, it can show signs of diabetes and also point to high blood pressure.

Finally, you will be screened for signs of glaucoma. This is done by checking the pressure in your eye, using a quick puff of air aimed right onto the eye.

It's time to protect your eyes. Commit to making your eye health a foremost concern, and remember to schedule an eye exam today.