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December 31st is fast approaching which means that your annual flex plan will soon run out for the year. If flex spending doesn't sound familiar to you, you may not have a flex spending account but you might want to verify your insurance plan to clarify.

If you have a Flex Spending Account with your employee benefits check how much credit you have left. Most plans obligate you to use all contributions by the last day of December or risk losing it for good!

You can use your FSA to get big savings on your eye care necessities. Eye and contact lens examinations, eyeglasses, contacts, even laser surgery may all be eligible for repayment. Be aware that some procedures, such as laser vision correction require a screening process that could cause a delay so call for an appointment sooner than later.

If you have any questions, we are happy to review your eye care benefits with you. Our Manhattan, NY Optometry Practice is here to help you with all of your eye care needs!