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Why Do I Have Dry Eyes at Night?

Dry eye syndrome can happen for many different reasons such as blocked glands near the eye, medication complication, or hormonal imbalance. They all lead to the root cause of the eyes not producing enough surface moisture to lubricate the eyes. Many patients have dry eyes at night, and there are options to relieve symptoms.


Demure WomanPeople with dry eye syndrome suffer from a variety of different symptoms.

Symptoms include:

  • burning sensation
  • gritty feeling in eye
  • itching and red eyes
  • blurred vision
  • sensitivity to light
  • Stringy mucus from eyes
  • Watery eyes

Causes of Dry Eye

Why are my dry eyes worse at night? As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons that people have dry eyes, but some are specific to nighttime. A couple of causes for eyes drying out at night included:

  • incomplete lid closure which is scientifically called nocturnal lagophthalmos
  • a resting metabolism due to a slowed down blood circulation at night


What type of treatment is there for nighttime dry eyes? Is there treatment for dry eyes at night that are better than others? Our eye care clinic has some suggestions to offer.


A humidifier for dry eyes at night is a great option. Adding extra moisture into the air allows relief, especially during the dry months.

Artificial Tears and Ointments

Eye drops and ointments are a good choice when treating nighttime dry eyes. Trying a few different types will help to determine which is the best fit for you. Your optometrist may have suggestions for which work best, so consulting with them is a good idea.

Dietary Supplements

There are options out there for supplements to be taken to help relieve dry eye. Ask your optometrist for recommendations.

Preventative Steps

There are a few precautions you can take at bedtime to alleviate the symptoms of dry eye. They include:

  • Avoid blowing air directly at you during the night.
  • Avoid overuse of artificial tears before bed.
  • Sleeping with airtight goggles or a sleep mask at night which locks the air out and the moisture in, helping to prevent your eye from drying out at night.

Where can I find a dry eye specialist near me?

Our eye care clinic in West Orange, NJ have optometrists available to help with nighttime dry eye relief. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam.