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Dr. Schlussel – Dry Eye Consultant NYC


Our West Orange Dry Eye Expert shares his expertise

Dry eye is one of the most common eye problems nowadays – in fact, it’s been estimated that almost 5 million people in the US currently suffer from dry eye! Dry eye can cause extreme irritation, with a variety of symptoms that can get in the way of doing many normal daily tasks comfortably. Because the effects of dry eye syndrome vary widely between patients, do does the most effective treatment. That’s why it is critical for every eye doctor to identify the exact cause of a patient’s dry eye and to keep up with the latest therapies to relieve the pain of this condition.

Dr. Alan B. Schlussel, our dry eye expert in West Orange, is specially qualified to diagnose the root of dry eye and to personalize the most helpful dry eye treatment. He is now available for consultations in the NYC area.

Extensive experience in dry eye syndrome

Dr. Alan B. Schlussel, the founding director of Dry Eye Treatment Center of NY, has been providing primary eye care and efficient dry eye treatments for over 26 years. His own experience suffering from dry eye irritation motivated him to focus becoming an expert in the latest technologies and therapies to relieve the pain of dry eye. Our dry eye consultant in West Orange is one of only a handful of optometric physicians in the area who specialize in this condition.

Trained in the latest innovative technologies

Dr. Alan B. Schlussel keeps pace with all the newest technologies and therapies, and he is experienced in using these breakthrough dry eye treatments. Depending on the individual case, dry eye treatment can involve artificial tears eye drops, medicated eye drops, punctal occlusion, anti-inflammatory drugs, modifying the patient’s diet, fitting specialized dry eye contact lenses, nutritional supplements, LipiFlow for Meibomian gland dysfunction, and other cutting-edge therapies.

Only an eye doctor who is very experienced and knowledgeable about all that’s currently available to alleviate dry eye syndrome can make the best recommendation for treatment. Dr. Alan B. Schlussel is your leading expert, and he is now offering his specialized services to other eye doctors as a dry eye consultant in West Orange.

Contact Dr. Alan B. Schlussel for NYC dry eye consultations

As the number of cases of dry eye continues to increase, every eye care practice needs a dry eye expert to ensure lasting relief for each patient. Please contact Dr. Alan B. Schlussel for more information about his services as a dry eye consultant for West Orange eye care centers. Everyone deserves comfortable vision, and our eye doctor is passionate about making that happen!