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Dry Eye Treatment Shop

Dry eye syndrome affects more and more people constantly. In response, our eye care specialists at the Dry Eye Treatment Center of NY are dedicated to alleviating the painful symptoms of this common condition. Finding the best medication for dry eyes should be easy and efficient, which is why we offer our online shop to bring you a variety of treatments for dry eye relief.

Order Dry Eye Products Online

Dry eyes can be caused by numerous factors, and every individual needs to find the dry eye remedy that is most effective for their unique situation. While there is no absolute cure for dry eyes, there is generally a solution to bring dry eye relief. We invite you to browse our full selection to order dry eye products online. Many people find that they require a combination of remedies, so it is recommended to try a few different dry eye treatments at home. For more information about Dry Eye, click here.

derm wellness kit1 min

d.e.r.m. Wellness Kit $98

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Ocusoft Hypochlor Spray $24

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d.e.r.m. Relief Mask $32

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Platinum Lid Cleaner $26

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Hypochlor Lid Cleaner $30

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PRN Fish Oil Liquid 200ml $69

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Tranquil Eyes With Beads $70

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PRN fish oil softgels 240 qty $104

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Blink Omega 3s 30 Packets 1 Month Supply $24

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Eye Science Dry Eye Formula Softgels Capsules 90 qty $25

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Bruder Eye Compress Moist Heat Individual Eye $24

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ocusoft lid scrub plus pre moistened pads 30ctn min

Ocusoft Lid Scrubs Plus Pre-Moistened Pads 30 qty $21.50

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Tea Tree Eye And Facial Cleaner $25

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ThermoEyes Instant Climate Control $29

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Retaine Complete MGD 30 Vials $27

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Retaine Complete MGD 5 Vials $10

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Find the Best Medication for Dry Eyes

To determine which is the best medication for your dry eyes, you need a thorough eye exam with our dry eye specialists. We will evaluate your condition to identify the cause. If blepharitis and clogged tear ducts are resulting in dry eyes, you will benefit from using an eyelid cleanser and moist heat compresses on your eyes. If your tear composition does not contain enough fatty lipids to slow evaporation, taking eye health supplements with fish oil and omega-3s may bring you dry eye relief. Treatment with artificial tears eye drops is a fast way to lubricate your eyes and restore comfortable vision.

Look at Some of Our Quality Dry Eye Products:

  • Retaine Complete MGD Eye Drops: preservative-free eye drops that lubricate the eyes and have lipids to protect the ocular surface in moderate to severe cases of dry eye syndrome
  • d.e.r.m. Wellness Kit: an all-in-one kit for eye and eyelid hygiene and comfort; you will be able to clean your eyelids, soothe soreness with a moist-heat mask, and hydrate your eyes.
  • Avenova Lid Cleanser: this is the first and only prescription, non-detergent based eyelid hygiene product that was designed to remove microorganisms and debris that can cause dry eyes
  • PRN Fish Oil Products: research studies demonstrate that omega-3s can enhance eye health by improving tear production and sealing moisture in; premium PRN formulations are available in Fish Oil Liquid and Fish Oil Softgels
  • EyeScience Dry Eye Formula Supplements: these oral supplements have a high level of omega-3s to target dry eyes from the inside out – for continuous systemic comfort.

Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress: unblocks oil gland to restore the natural flow of oils onto the eye surface; an easy-to-use treatment that is clinically proven to bring dry eye relief