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At the Dry Eye Spa In NYC & West Orange NJ

What is A Dry Eye Spa?


Our Dry Eye Spa is a specialty spa treatment at our Optometric practices in Midtown Manhattan and West Orange NJ. Our eyes take a beating from hours spent on computers and phones, lack of sleep, environmental conditions and the weather. At the Dry eye spa, our goal is that after the treatment you will walk out feeling incredible and refreshed. We use a variety of different methods of treatment and provide options for eyewear as determined by our eye doctor for your specific case.

The Dry Eye Center In Manhattan and West Orange Welcomes You To Visit Our Spa

  • The dry eye spa is headed by Dr. Schlussel, one of the leading Dry Eye Doctors in NYC & NJ
  • We utilize the latest technology to assess and treat the underlying causes of your dry eye symptoms
  • Relax and enjoy the specially formulated products that naturally boost your eyes ability to retain moisture and produce tears.
  • Option to schedule a one time spa treatment when your symptoms are bothering you or to book a package that will provide year long treatment.
  • Hate going to the eye doctor? Our spa is designed to leave you relaxed and smiling, no rushed optometrists and long waits.
  • The Dry Eye Spa makes a great present for Mom (and just about anyone suffering from painful, burning, watery, and dry eyes). Ask us about our gift options.

To schedule a Dry Eye Spa Treatment call us in NYC at 212-683-2004 or NJ at (973) 419-5340.

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You Don’t Have To Suffer From Dry Eyes Anymore

More than 50% of American women suffer from dry eyes, and women over 50 have double the incidence of dry eyes then men of the same age.

Do Your Eyes Feel Dry From Contact Lenses?

As a leading dry eye practice in NYC, our optometrists will show you the many different methods you can use to actively manage your dry eye symptoms. From showing you the latest contact lenses designed to reduce discomfort from dry eyes, to teaching you to use warm compresses and eye vitamins. You will leave the spa feeling great and equipped with the tools to continue to feel your best.

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Schedule At The Dry Eye Spa NYC
Schedule At The Dry Eye Spa NJ
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Call us at: 973-419-5340