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Dry Eye Testimonials

We finally have hope that my mothers eye problems will improve.


yesim o review

- yesim o

Dry Eye Google Review


dr schlussel review

- - Google Review April 2022

Feeling so much better! – ZocDoc Review


Great dry eye treatment everything is explained in detail feeling so much better thanks to dr shussel

- Caren P. — November 22, 2021

LipiFlow ZocDoc Review


Dr. Schlussel is an expert in dry eye - he treated me with lipiflow which provided immediate improvement. He also explained why we used lipiflow, how it works, and how to sustain the benefits.

- John N

Dry Eye ZocDoc Review


I've suffered with dry eye for years. He's the only professional who has helped me get this under control

- Rosalind J

Dr. Schlussel was the first doctor to address this with multiple treatment options


I have Dry Eye Disease and Dr. Schlussel was the first doctor to address this with multiple treatment options, excellent knowledge and passion, plus personal experience. I trust his opinion and have seen good results in my treatment so far. I look forward to being a patient going forward. I haven't experienced hidden costs or given false promises.

- ZocDoc Review August 21, 2019

I highly recommend him


Dr. Schlussel was excellent and validated an issue that I was having that many docs in the past have neglected. I highly recommend him since he took the time to really investigate with various tests and exercises and listen to me when I explained what was going on with my vision. I will definitely going be back.

- EG Dry Eyes Patient In New York

I am very pleased with the results.


I arrived at Dr. Schlussel's office early because I had to get my replacement glasses adjusted. So my less than 30 minutes wait was by my own design. I had the treatment for dry eye and I am very pleased with the results. During the procedure, Dr. S was caring and sensitive to my well being, constantly asking me if I was comfortable or needed anything. The time went quickly and the results have been great. I took the steriod drops for the recommended time period and everything is comfortable. Thank you Dr. Schlussel for recommending the procedure. I am glad that I went forward with it.

- Eileen B. July 17, 2018

His treatments for dry eyes are wonderful.

Great Doctor. Great results. I love his patience, his treatments for dry eyes are wonderful. I had ductal plugs and the new tratement with BlephEx to improve the health of my eyelids and to alleviate my symptoms. Thanks.

- Betty R. July 1, 2015