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Why Dry Eye Patients Choose Us?

How long have you been using eye drops? We hope, no more than a few months. But, in many cases, patients are recommended to stick with prescription eye drops for far longer, lasting years. The dependency on certain dry eye treatments has become more of a dependency rather than a real dry eye solution that addresses the underlying cause.

At Dry Eye Treatment Centers of NY and NJ, our team of eye doctors are dedicated to treat dry eye using modern technology & techniques that bring real results to even the most severe dry eye case. From assessing the health of your Meibomian glands, checking for inflammation, and more, we’ve helped numerous patients find the causes behind their case of dry eye, create a tailored plan of action that many report within weeks vast improvements in their visual comfort that they’ve never experienced before.

Dr. Schlussel was the first doctor to address this with multiple treatment options

I have Dry Eye Disease and Dr. Schlussel was the first doctor to address this with multiple treatment options, excellent knowledge and passion, plus personal experience. I trust his opinion and have seen good results in my treatment so far. I look forward to being a patient going forward. I...
- ZocDoc Review August 21, 2019

Through some of our advanced treatments such as heat therapy, we’re able to bring instant results to our dry eye patients.

If you’ve wondered why your eyes are red, watery, irritated, gritty, or even in pain / uncomfortable, you can visit any of our dry eye experts at our office to finally treat your dry eye once and for all.